In 2015 I founded Sustainly, an online platform and consultancy dedicated to providing insight and intelligence for professionals working in the areas of sustainability communication and marketing. Sustainly features a database of 1500 case studies and company profiles and a series of special reports and trend briefings. The platform has more than 2,000 members and... Continue Reading →


I'm regularly asked to help organisations and executives understand the importance of building trust with an increasingly digital and connected society, and how sustainability and purpose sit at the heart of gaining respect. I've spoken at corporate events for PwC, Air New Zealand, Nike, New Zealand Post, Meijer and other clients. Major conferences and events... Continue Reading →


My writing about food and drink has been featured in Bon Apetit, The Observer Food Monthly, Details and Travel & Leisure.  

Feature writing

For the past 20 years I've written longform feature articles both for global magazines and for organisations in the form of contract publishing. My feature writing has been published by Wired, Travel & Leisure, The Village Voice, Doubletake and the Industry Standard. It includes: Investigating oil pollution in Ecuador Documenting disappearing culture in Ethiopia and... Continue Reading →

Fools Gold

In Ecuador’s Rain Forest, the Case Against Texaco is Clear-Cut LAGO AGRIO, ECUADOR–At first sight, it didn’t seem that bad. Yes, Lago, as everyone calls it, in the heart of the Oriente, is a dusty, tough-looking oil town. But it was hardly the apocalyptic nightmare I had been led to expect. Where were the rivers... Continue Reading →

Stay Alive in Bed-Stuy

In Bed-Stuy, the nation’s only minority-run volunteer ambulance corps rides the streets, and 911’s not a joke. It’s 10 past four on a fast-cooling early Saturday morning and the red-eye crew of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps is sipping coffee in the back of the ambulance. Martin Law, 30, Timothy Sutton, 28, Angelina Coleman, 23,and... Continue Reading →

Chasing the Dragon

On the road at the 1999 Rugby World Cup At the end of last summer, I was driving on Long Island’s Southern State Parkway when a car passed by me with a sticker on its rear bumper that read CYMRU AM BYTH — or, translated from the Welsh, “Wales for Ever.” My heart leapt. It’s... Continue Reading →


On the trail of Ayahuasca and biopiracy in the Ecuadorean rainforest In my dream, I’m sitting on lush, wet grass in a place I’ve never seen before. With me are a man and woman, both young and attractive, strangers to me. We’ve drunk a potion and now we are waiting. Suddenly the woman’s expression changes... Continue Reading →

Content Strategy

Major companies need a well-planned content strategy to effectively engage online - one that requires a solid understanding of what the company has to say that is relevant to different audiences, and what storytelling resources it has at its disposal. I've shaped online content strategy for a number of brands - both from an ongoing... Continue Reading →

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