Thought Leadership

My thought leadership writing includes Artificial Intelligence insights for KPMG, PwC's annual CEO Survey, Pulse and Spotlight features, as well as essays on the future of food, robotics and sustainable agriculture for some of the world's leading companies and consultancies.    


I provide sustainability writing services for a number of companies - helping them explain complicated work and concepts in a way that is accessible to a general audience. Examples include a short book for BASF outlining its Sustainable Solutions Steering strategy for its customers and the media; think pieces for major professional services companies on... Continue Reading →


My writing about food and drink has been featured in Bon Apetit, The Observer Food Monthly, Details and Travel & Leisure.  

Feature writing

For the past 20 years I've written longform feature articles both for global magazines and for organisations in the form of contract publishing. My feature writing has been published by Wired, Travel & Leisure, The Village Voice, Doubletake and the Industry Standard. It includes: Investigating oil pollution in Ecuador Documenting disappearing culture in Ethiopia and... Continue Reading →


My minor career in sports writing has included covering the 1994 World Cup for the Village Voice, the 1998 World Cup for Slate, the 1999 Rugby World Cup for Doubletake and various golf features for The New York Times, Travel & Leisure Golf and Golf Magazine.

Business News

In September 2008, on the very day that Lehman Brothers went under, I started co-writing Today's Business Press, a daily business news blog for Slate's The Big Money. Today's Business Press documented media coverage of the financial crash and the scramble by government and business to recover from its effects.

Current Affairs

In 2007 I was approached by Time Magazine to help them launch their first daily blog. The result was The Ag, a morning news digest written by myself in the UK so that it could go live in time for the east coast of the US to wake up to. The Ag covered the breaking... Continue Reading →


Over the years I've written travel features for a number of publications including: Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast Traveller, Budget Travel, Slate and The Rough Guides. Some of the feature writing I've done includes documenting the growth of globalisation in the ancient highlands of Ethiopia, the impact of tourism on the Caribbean island of Vieques,... Continue Reading →


I've written about technology on both a corporate thought leadership level and for publications. Recent work includes think pieces on Artificial Intelligence, robotics in financial services and virtual reality. In the past I've written about technology issues for publications including: Wired, The Industry Standard and Business 2.0.

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