Executive Nature – Training and Coaching

Executive Nature helps business leaders and employees appreciate the importance of nature and nature based solutions for their own mental and physical wellbeing and the success of the companies they work for.

We help organisations in the following ways:

Strategy & Communication/Presentation Training

This hands-on training helps executives understand and communicate effectively their sustainable business strategies.

It draws on Matthew Yeomans’ 20-year’s experience advising businesses on sustainability and ESG communication, including running the Sustainly consultancy.

The training is bespoke for individual companies and is anchored by Matthew’s research for his books Trust Inc. – How Business Gains Respect in a Social Media Age, and Return to My Trees.

Executive Nature Walks for Business Leaders

We take senior leaders on walking adventures to provide insight into the future sustainability of their own business.

Each experience is customised to address the most important ESG and sustainability issues faced by the individual executives. 

In the course of our structured walk, executives will enjoy an escape into a captivating natural landscape that will open their eyes and focus their minds to the very real ESG and sustainability challenges that will shape the future success of their business.

Big Step Walking Guides

We create customised walking guides for organisations that are designed to:

  • Support physical and mental wellbeing
  • Educate about ESG and nature
  • Boost creativity
  • Inspire new sustainability ideas

The walks are specially designed for individual organisations to support their employees and give them opportunities to explore and learn from the the natural world around them as they commute to work or take breaks from work during the day.

They are created as print guides, digital experiences and audio adventures so that walkers can learn and enjoy the experience in multiple ways.

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